Sam likes eating and can constantly ask Carly to possess dinners or dinner

Sam likes eating and can constantly ask Carly to possess dinners or dinner

Carly Shay

Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) is a good thirteen-year-old girl (18 from inside the Year 5) who is the fresh star of her very own preferred websites let you know (helped because of the the woman one or two family relations, Sam and you can Freddie), iCarly. The girl birthday celebration is on January 14. She life together with her twenty-six-year-old aunt Spencer about Bushwell Retail complex, a condo for the Seattle, and Freddie is actually a next-door neighbor one lives in the new flat right along side hall. The girl dad is within the Navy and you will stationed on the a submarine. Carly is named a district celebrity and this possibly support her get out of gluey situations, but stays the common adolescent woman which never lets glory get to help you the woman head. Carly sticks upwards to own Freddie whenever Sam teases him, and you can tries to encourage Sam to remain out-of trouble. Carly is really aware of Freddie’s smash on her behalf, but simply shrugs it off for the most part because the of a lot most other males have a great crush on her, and you may in contrast, a number of other females have a great break on the him. She’s always a cool-went people nevertheless when enraged, she has a tendency to operate call at a loud voice. Carly is quite brilliant and you will detests so you can sit throughout the some thing or somebody, implied regarding the event iPromise Not to ever Tell, in which she is overtaken from the shame when compelled to keep Sam’s strategies a key. Carly has actually quite high grades in school and you will was even offered a grant so you’re able to Briarwood, an elite individual school in iMight Option Schools. Carly is one of mature profile on tell you in fact it is usually the mediator anywhere between Sam and you may Freddie, even if Carly and you can Sam did go into quarrels in which Freddie turned the intermediary. It is found during the iWanna Stick with Spencer you to Carly has actually asthma.

Samantha “Sam” Puckett

Sam (Jennette McCurdy) try Carly’s blond and you may ridiculous best friend and you may co-servers off iCarly. Her birthday is found on April 17. When you are she is together with best friends that have Freddie, she always insults or even myself damage him. Sam usually hangs away at the Carly’s apartment due to getting aside at home along with her mommy. She has an unusual household members, and you may about 50 % of these come into jail otherwise parole, and you can she together with owes a fortune to help you this lady loved ones and constantly bullies children such as for instance Freddie and Gibby, and get insults any girl who’s attracted to Freddie. This lady has two old boyfriend-men Frankie (of elementary) and you can Jonah (Freddie’s friend out of French classification). Certainly her favourite products are chili and you may she had a beneficial brief work at “Chili My Dish” therefore she could have reduced the bucks she owed Carly and you may Freddie. She is also a problem creator and incredibly idle, and also in effect this lady has detention most of the time and you may comes into problem with Dominating Franklin, Mrs. Briggs and once that have Mr. Howard, the history teacher. This lady has a twin sister called Melanie (along with represented from the Jennette McCurdy), who is Sam’s polar reverse; he or she is directly identical, however, was basically split up shortly after beginning and you will setup in different ways regarding attitude. Concurrently, they top, act, and https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/rockford/ you will cam differently (Melanie gowns much more usually feminine and contains a higher-pitched sound).

Fredward “Freddie” Benson

Freddie (Nathan Kress) ‘s the tech-producer of iCarly. Their birthday is on March cuatro. He or she is thirteen from inside the Year step 1 and fourteen for the Year dos. Freddie talks for the a much deeper build voice within the Season dos owed in order to adolescence. They have a huge crush with the Carly, though Carly isn’t interested (this has been recently indicated that he is had a good smash to your the woman given that fifth stages, and he says to Chuck, an innocent-looking-but-psychotic child, to not make use of effective this lady over, hinting that he might have obtained over her). Consequently, a number of other lady experienced a crush into your off date so you’re able to big date. He’s allergic to help you bees, features an over-protective mom one nearly dated its doorman Lewbert. As he and you can Sam is actually family, he always obtains numerous abuse (both verbal and real, but often the former) from the woman, that produces him awkward up to the girl to the point where he sometimes provides weapons (constantly a golf ball bat) assuming he hangs aside which have Sam and you will Carly. Freddie has already established a couple of dates to date; his first day try having Valerie (a keen iCarly enthusiast), but she just pretended to help you instance him so she could push him to prevent iCarly that assist her create a much better websites show. His 2nd day try with a girl called Shannon Mitchell (exactly who in reality performed features a good smash on your, perhaps even bigger than his crush to the Carly, since the she commonly stared on your whenever you are smiling and making flirty presents, and now have delivering him numerous love-notes) once the a multiple-time with Carly, Sam, Gibby, and Reuben, a kid exactly who went along to the iCarly group’s college or university along with an effective crush on the Sam, plus spoke within the a words one to only Gibby understands. He or she is friends with Gibby and you may Jeremy, that’s which they are all bullied because of the Sam, even in the event Freddie always only has to place on having Sam, rather than along with other bullies. Freddie likewise has a buddy away from “AV Bar” titled Shane, a lovely child and therefore Carly and Sam struggle more, following the guy find that he wishes nothing in connection with often ones. He’s another very adult profile into the show, trailing just Carly, and although she actually is the mediator anywhere between your and you will Sam, of course Sam fights which have Carly, the guy will get new mediator. Freddie was unbelievable in fencing; their ancestors was in fact champions during the athletics, and then he may also gamble golf. Freddie is right relatives having Carly’s cousin Spencer, whom the guy visits to own advice.