It’s hard but if they have family counseling it can be dealt with and handled well

It’s hard but if they have family counseling it can be dealt with and handled well

I have learned to be more compassionate and understanding. I am not happy about my husbands choice but it is his choice not mine. We are doing our best to help our daughter and she isn’t happy either. However we all love one another and we are all trying to deal with it, accept it and move on. If you do not try to consider each auto title loans in New Mexico state other’s feelings and only care about how you “feel” you will be stuck, miserable and it will tear you apart. My faith in Jesus is helping me accept. I do not get to decide how my spouse acts but I can pray for and love. Life is very short. I’m glad my spouse doesn’t have cancer like I had. Or in a car accident. Worse things can and do happen.

His depression didn’t help a lot either, he has had a lot of suicide thoughts and I was terrified that if I was to leave him he would kill himself

I have been together with my boyfriend who is uncertain of his/her gender for a year, which fells like an eternity judging from how intense it has been. I’m just going to say “him” because I don’t know either. He was my first boyfriend, and naive as I was I told him that of course I accepted it and that we would always be together no matter what. But It didn’t feel right, as time passed he became more and more feminine, when I asked about it he didn’t understand what I meant. I was also terrified about the fact that he started talking about taking the pills, and that it would only change his appearance, not his personality.

That would be worse

I have tried to convince myself that too, but sex with a woman still repells me and god knows how guilty I have felt. Another thing worth mentioning is that I was never allowed to tell a soul, because it is and has allways been his secret, so I had no one to talk to about this. Anyway, it became pretty clear that he wanted to become a female, my depression grew with his until I couldn’t take it anymore. I burst, and told him how I had almost faked being supportive and I was uncertain about my feelings, that I didn’t know how I felt and we had a big fight, we never fight otherwise because we usually understand each other. It became clear to me that he wouldn’t commit suicide if I left him and I felt a small relief from that but we both felt it coming.

So I go home to clear my head for a while, when we meet and I’m about to end it he tells me that he has been confused, that he is not a man clearly, but not necessarily a woman either, and doesn’t know if taking pills would make him happier. I feel like he is lying to me and I have confronted him numerous times to the point where he gets upset and wonders why I don’t trust him (I wonder why…). He also says that he fells more at ease now, still depressed but not as suicidal as before, and if I were to leave him he would keep living but become really sad. He also says not to worry because he has contacted a psychiatry to see what the problem is, and that if he is indeed a woman I have a right to leave him.

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